Reconciliation Vs Certification

Under what scenarios will I use reconciliation vs certification.

Based on your documentation at, certifications are used to check access of a person for an application. I believe reconciliation also in a way checks user accounts for an application and updates in IDHub.

Why do I need both of them?

Hey there,

Within the scenarios in the Field Test, we won’t be using Certification or Reconciliation. Below are the differences between the two and what they are used for:

  1. Certification is used to check User Access, ensuring all Users have the proper Access to Applications. Currently, System Administrators can create and manage Certification definitions. Definitions are individual Certification details. Learn more about Certifications here: Create and Manage Certifications

  2. Reconciliation is the process of synchronizing data from an Application to IDHub via a file upload. Connected Applications can synchronize automatically, with a scheduled time for synchronizing while completing the Application on-boarding, or manually with a flat file upload. System Administrators and IT Owners are the only Users within IDHub that can perform Reconciliation on Applications. Learn more about Reconciliations here: Reconciliation for Application

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